AI-based remote equipment monitoring and anomaly detection service



Why are you willing to keep wasting your precious time and money?

CEMS stands for Cloud-Edge Management Service. It is a cloud-based SaaS solution that enables customers to remotely monitor and manage various types of manufacturing, infrastructure, industrial, commercial, agricultural and/or environmental equipment and facilities.

CEMS has been developed to conduct automated risk detection and prevention through AI technology, resulting in ultimately customers' fast and efficient Digital Transformation (DX). As such, CEMS helps customers reduce operating costs and time, and save their precious time and money.

You can be transformed into a cutting-edge technology company that fully utilizes the digital operation environment by simply installing CEMS.


Are you considering the fastest and most convenient digital transformation?

Achieving Fast Digital Transformation (DX)

You don't have to suffer from long hours and high costs to build. CEMS is the fastest DX deployment system ever.

With the edge equipment and cloud services provided by CEMS, you can instantly transform your current business operation into the best and powerful digital environment.


Reduce labor costs

Do you still have to retain unproductive management and maintenace staff to have them conduct repetitive jobs to manage large numbers of machines? Here's an instant way to minimize labor costs and maximize management efficiency.

Reduce administration time

Through the management screen of the CEMS dashboard, you can see and manage the status of all equipment subject to CEMS and you can take proper action, if necessary.

CEMS automatically manages all alarms and creates action status reports on the matters associated with the alarms.

CEMS's highly streamlined management environment allows you to spend your precious time more valuable.

Automated risk detection and prevention through AI technology

Through AI technology of CEMS, you may prevent in advance or otherwise avoid factory shutdowns or other process failures resulting from disastrous business risks such as blackouts, fires or earthquakes that you may be facing.

With just a single click on the dashboard, CEMS can utilize the Analytics Center, an advanced anomaly detection service based on artificial intelligence technology.

CEMS does not require you of a complex and difficult maneuver on the dashboard to trigger artificial intelligence, but it is the closest and easiest you can get with your hands on it, and then it provides you with the great protection from disasters that may swallow your precious time and money.

Where can CEMS be used?


Renewable energy fields such as solar power and fuel cells

Renewable energy is an essential resource in the 21st century, and its use is rapidly increasing. Generation of renewable energy involves a large number of equipment and facilities, geographically scattered, separated and spread. For that reason, as installation of equipment and its maintenance requirements increase, so too does the difficulty to manage.
Wouldn’t it be great if you can monitor these equipment at a glance whenever you want and analyze them in real time?


Utility such as oil and gas

Equipment for management of utilities becomes obsolete everyday not only physically but also technologically in ever chaning innovative business world of these days. They are also exposed to many implicit and apparent threats.
In this environment, if you can manage a large number of utilities management equipment in the fastest, easiest and most efficient way, it will provide you with a good chance to survive the fierce competition in the utilities industry. In addition, you can be safely protected from unexpected risks that may arise from abnormal conditions through the help of the artificial intelligence module of CEMS.


Various types of smart manufacturing sites

Due to ceaseless technological innovation in the 21st century, the manufacturing industry is vigorously revived and evolved once again attracting keen attention from the general public. The industry's efficiency is fast increasing due to the introduction of various innovative equipment.

As a result, more and more requirements are being added up to efficiently manage numerous new equipment and so are risks associated with them.

However, the innovative services of CEMS can help businesses solve these problems quickly, efficiently and economically.

Are you curious about various requirements?