Use Case


Wind/fuel cell power generation

Under normal circumstances, wind or fuel cell power generation is installed and managed while they are spread and scattered remotely at various geographical points. In addition, dozens of key power generation equipment must be continuously monitored and managed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In particular, since it is necessary to prevent in advance risks to the equipment such as fire and other disasters, alarm and AI-based threat prediction through CEMS are essential for service management.


Solar power facility management service

Dozens or hundreds of photovoltaic power generation equipment located in various regions depend on various variables such as climate, time of day, and dust to determine their effectiveness. In order to achieve a higher level of power generation efficiency for a long period of time, it is necessary to continuously monitor and prevent problems associated with the solar power generation system and the surrounding environment. CEMS can be excellently applied in real-time equipment management and anomaly detection for solar power generation facilities.


Gas facility safety management service

Safety should be the most crucial concern for oil and gas facilities where a fire can happen at any time. Temperature, humidity, and chemical sensor data collected from these facilities must be managed in real time so that you can act very quickly upon occurence of incidents. CEMS provides not only real-time data collection, but also an anomaly detection service through Analytics Center that sends an alarm to users in real time when a dangerous signal is detected.


Smart panel management service

Many factories utilize panel system that manages, among others, power and networks of critical equipment. Compared to human body, they are like crucial blood vessels such as arteries. Unfortunately, despite tenacious efforts of diligent managers, many unpredictable problems such as unauthorized manipulation by a third party or malfunction of the equipment will occur. Through monitoring data and information from various sensors installed on these panels, you can stably managing the equipment. In such connection, CEMS provides anomaly detection function of the alarm and analysis center.


Bridge/Building Safety Management Services

Bridges of various sizes not only naturally deteriorate over time, but may also be subject to a dangerous situation due to natural disasters or external forces like heavy weight vehicles. A real-time data analysis service through data collection by CEMS is essential to detect risks in these facilities in advance and manage them in real time.


Computer room and computer equipment management service

Nowadays, labor costs related to computer equipment management are increasing while hiring managers in this industry becomes more and more difficult.  In order to efficiently tackle this problem, companies tend to set up computer equipment and facilities in one centralized place so that they can efficiently manage a number of important information at the same time and respond quickly when there occurs problem. As an alternative, CEMS can help customers monitor remotely geographically spread and scattered computer equipment and facilities at one point and at the same time.

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